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Gum Diseases/Periodontal Therapy

Main Signs of periodontal diseases are:
- Bleeding gums
- Loose teeth
- Bad breath
Improper brushing and maintaining oral hygiene will allow food deposits to accumulate in food deposits to accumulate in gums, resulting gum diseases, ultimately leads to tooth loss. Proper sub gingival scaling and root planning will improve the condition of bleeding gums and bad breath.
In moderate to severe cases, flap surgery using bone grafts and membranes will improve the life of the teeth. We at Kishore dental care also perform pocket debridement procedures using laser for better results and patient acceptance.
Our Gum treatments Services include:
1. Scaling & polishing
2. Root planning
3. Flap surgery
4. Soft tissue Grafting For recession to improve aesthetics
5. Gingivectomy