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Bad Breath

By Admin

Causes for Oral Bad Breath
Oral Bad Breath is a common problem faced by many individuals of all the age groups. The most common reason for oral bad breath is, the micro organisms present in the oral cavity especially because of poor oral hygiene leading to bleeding gums, tooth decay, food lodging between teeth or in improperly fitting restorations and in patients wearing dentures overnight. These microorganisms frequently gets trapped into the areas were tooth brush doesn't reach and on the surface of the tongue. Tongue coating or improper cleaning of the tongue is also a major reason for bad breath. Relatively less common reasons are consumption of alcohol or smoking and having food containing spices.
Oral bad breath could also be because of some systemic or medical problems like Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, Gastrointestinal problems, hormonal imbalance and diabetes mellitus. However, oral bad breath because of systemic problems are very rare, but these factors do show major impact when neglected.
Wanted to get rid of Bad Breath? Firstly, identifying the reason for Bad Breath is of utmost importance. Bad Breath is usually noticed by self or could be encountered by others, this poses a major problem to individuals especially youngsters, to face the society because of social embarrassment

    IF YOU ARE ONE WHO IS FACING SUCH PROBLEM? Then, this is how you need to act to get rid of Bad Breath.
  • Identify if you have any problems like, bleeding gums, Decayed tooth, Food lodging between teeth etc, then please consult your dentist for appropriate treatment.
  • Maintain your oral hygiene by brushing twice daily, cleaning your tongue and flossing regularly
  • Use mouthwashes especially which contain Zinc chloride in it.
  • Avoid foods with more spices and rinse the mouth after every meal.
Obsever it for yourself, if the problem still persists, then your dentist would examine your concern and provides you with better treatment options
Sometimes Bad breath could be a sign of a major systemic problem, so neglecting bad breath can also be a serious issue.